Things Homeowners Should Know about Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair can be performed by an expert door installation company or by an enthusiastic DIY homeowner. There are two parts on a garage door which could need attention –  they are the door itself and the opener. Both can be quite simple to repair with enough time, patience, and skill. Should you be thinking about doing your own repair, make sure you observe all the safety precautions, and begin the job when there is sufficient daylight available.

To figure out where and what the problem is, do a few basic tests first. If the door opens manually and is hard to move or grinding, the problem is normally the actual door. If the door is working fine but the opener does not seem to be working properly, then obviously the problem will be the opener. Take the time to carefully review the problem, and try to see what exactly the issue is.

Hand holding remote control for garage door

An overhead door uses a tension spring. The door rolls on a metal track which is connected to the walls in a garage. A heavy spring provides the power via tension.

The first step when doing garage door repair would be to check these metal tracks. Tighten the mounting brackets which connect the tracks to the garage wall as these do get loose over time. Shut the door, and check the tracks for breaks, dents or any other such marks. Should you see any issues, simply take off that section, and then flatten it out using a hammer.

Use a level to check if the track is correctly aligned. The horizontal ones should have a downward slant, and the vertical ones have to be completely straight. Check the two tracks alignment, to see if they are correct and parallel to one another. Should there be any issues, never completely remove any bolts or screws; simply loosen them and perform the necessary adjustments.

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